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Save Our Libraries Day, Feb 5th

Saturday, Feb 5th is Save Our Libraries Day.  I don’t know if there is an organised campaign in Leeds (we don’t feature on the Guardian map of protests), but at the very least consider going to your nearest library. Leeds is going to be affected - there is discussion of 20 libraries closing in the Leeds [...]

News from Bradford People’s Coalition

Press Release

Bradford People’s Coalition against the Cuts – the campaign grows

The broad range of people and organisations working together under the Bradford People’s Coalition Against the Cuts (BPCAC) banner have been busy in the few weeks since more than 100 people got together for the Founding Conference on 27th November. The Bradford People’s Coalition is a member of the National Coalition of Resistance which was launched at a meeting of 1300 people in London on the same day…

CUTS CAFE, LEEDS, 31st JAN- 6th FEB, leeds city centre

We are in the midst of a series of economic, environmental and political crises which are creating a global shortage of jobs, services, land, housing and food. All of this demonstrates that our current way of organising society does not work for the vast majority of people, the same people who are expected to bear [...]

Picket and protest ATOS on Monday

Picket and Protest Monday 24th January · 10:00 – 14:00  ATOS ORIGIN, 10 – 12, then A4e @12 – 2pm.  A4e: Ground Floor Zicon House Wade Lane Leeds LS2 8DD ATOS: 1 Whitehall, Whitehall Road Leeds Leeds  Picket outside both of these corporate leeches!! Bring plackards etc or just yourselves. We’ve received some background to [...]

Leeds Against the Cuts

LAC had its first meeting last Thursday with about 25 people. There are a lot of things happening over the next few weeeks and months. The big event is, of course, going to be the March 26th demonstration in London called by the TUC. We need to make that as big as possible. There was [...]

Back to business

Apologies for the long delay in getting this web-site back on track: snow, Christmas, illness, domestic flood disaster, the blues – all got in the way. But should be on top of things from now (we hope!).

Lobby the council Dec 15th

People will be gathering at the Civic Hall on Wedensday morning (from 9 to 10) to lobby the council committee meeting that is meeting to discuss cuts… everyone is welcome.

Right to Work on ‘unity forum’

The ‘organic’ unity forum by Paul Brandon I chaired or more accurately facilitated the Right to Work campaign’s unity forum in central London yesterday, Sunday 5 December. The question we posed in advance was ‘ how can we unite to stop the cuts.’ We have never been under any illusions such a question posed to [...]

Leeds Coalition doings

To the Leeds Right to Work workshop on ‘Organising the Resistance’: only two of us when it should have been starting, only 9 of us half-an-hour later, so we took the decision to not carry on, but to go and join the tax avoiders protest outside TopShop. About 20 people to start with, a talking-too [...]

UK Uncut Day of Action Against Philip Green

Join us at Topshop and make Philip Green pay Tomorrow, there will be a day of action at Arcadia Group and Vodafone stores across the country, in protest at alleged tax avoidance Students protest outside London’s Oxford Street Topshop last week. Photograph: Christian Sinibaldi for the Guardian Alex Pinkerman The Guardian, Fri 3 Dec 2010 [...]