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Leeds Coalition of Resistance organising meeting

The Wellington, Wellington Street, Leeds [map] * Wednesday 23rd March, 6:30pm Itams for discussion: the Leeds Anti-Cuts Convention (9th April) How the Coalition should work Communications strategy Please come along, to listen, share your ideas or get involved. * Please note change of venue

Leeds Newsletter 27th Feb

Coalition of Resistance Newsletter 27th Feb This week we shut down Leeds City Council in protest against the cuts, they reconvened in secret and passed £90 million worth of attacks on our jobs and services. The fight against cuts can be won – see below how to get involved. 1. Report of how we shut down Leeds [...]

How We Shut Down Leeds City Council

On Wednesday 23rd Feb, workers, students and unemployed of Leeds shut down the City Council meeting and temporarily stopped them passing their cuts budget. Leeds council, a council with a Labour majority, planned to vote through £90 million of cuts meaning 1500 council workers would be sacked and essential services slashed. A rally called by [...]

Leeds CoR – next organising meeting

The next organising meeting of Leeds Coalition of resistance will be held next Wednesday, 2nd March at 6pm in the Leeds Metropolitan University boardroom. Come and join us in building the movement against the ConDem government’s attacks on our jobs, services and standard of living.

International resistance to cuts: Europe, North Africa, [insert your country here]?

Leeds Coalition of Resistance public meeting Wednesday 16th March, 6:00pm Leeds Metropolitan University (Broadcasting Place) room AG03 It appears that resistance is growing across the world, to cuts in public services, to privatisation, and to governments that put the interests of money before the interests of people. The revolts in North Africa and the Middle [...]

How can we save the NHS?

Leeds Coalition of Resistance public meeting Wednesday 16th February 19:00 – 22:00 Leeds Metropolitan University Students’ Union. This is the question on thousands of people’s lips, as we face government proposals which will decimate our health service and open the doors even wider to privatisation. Speakers have been invited from Leeds Unison Health branch and [...]

Leeds Coalition: Next meeting Jan 5th

We are going to meet to discuss what we want to do in 2011 on Weds Jan 5th at 6PM in the Boardroom (ground floor) of Broadcasting Place, Leeds Metropolitan University. All supporters of a broad movement against cuts are welcome.