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Michael Moore addresses protesters in Wisconsin

The film-maker Michael Moore yesterday gave a speech in Madison, Wisconsin, to workers who have been taking action since the middle of February. The workers were moved to protest when Tea Party Republicans launched an attach on collective bargaining rights. There has been massive solidarity, even from local police, who refused to evict protesters from [...]

Event: Egypt – an Eyewitness Speaks

Do you want to hear about the Egyptian Revolution first-hand? Meet at the Leeds Met Student Union on Woodhouse Lane on Thursday 24th October 18:30pm – all welcome Click here for the Facebook event Simon Hardy who has recently returned from Egypt will be speaking about his experience witnessing the Egyptian Revolution first-hand from Tahrir [...]

European conference to fight cuts and privatisation

The Coalition of Resistance is organising a European conference against Austerity, Cuts and Privatisation, and in defence of the Welfare State on Saturday 1st October in London. A new movement has risen in Europe. In Greece in May a series of general strikes shook the government. In France last autumn, millions went on strike and [...]