Leeds Against the Cuts rally – 20th October 2010

At least 300 people attended this lively rally in the cold of a Leeds City Square teatime, organised as a first response by Leeds Against the Cuts, to George Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review. Flags and banners were flying from Unison, CWU, PCS, NAS, Unite and UCU. There was also a strong student contribution in feeder marches organised by students of both Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University. Both Universities have active groups against the cuts.

Listening to the speakers at the rallyThe rally got good coverage in The Guardian, who reported: Hundreds attend Leeds City Square cuts protest.

Coalition of Resistance after-party meeting

After the rally about 30 people came to a meeting organised by Leeds Coalition of Resistance, our second in two weeks. Joel Hayes from the Trade Council/Leeds Against the Cuts, Kevin Donnelly from the People’s Charter and Rebecca Allan for the Coalition (and Workers Power) spoke and there was a good discussion focussed on what we need to do to unite our various organisations.

Supporters of the Coalition of Resistance intend to hold regular open organising meetings before the Conference on November 27th. If you are in Leeds and would like to meet us we are going to be in the Wrens pub (corner of Merrion Street and Briggate) on Wednesday Oct 27th at 6.30PM We know that many more people wanted to attend the rally then could make it and we know that a lot more are interested in joining the anti-cuts movement and support the approach taken by the Coalition.

Next stop – the TUC regional march in Sheffield on Saturday, Oct 23rd. Is Ed Miliband really going to turn up?