Message of Solidarity from Leeds Agaimst the Cuts

Dear Conference,

We, the Leeds against the cuts group, welcome the Coalition of Resistance conference and support the aim of a united national movement to beat the ConDem cuts agenda.

Leeds Against the Cuts was set up by Leeds Trades Council to unite the local trade union movement with community, student and other anti-cuts groups. A 400 strong rally on the day of the spending review attracted support from several unions along with the students showed the possibilities in Leeds.

We recognise that we need that same unity at the national level  to launch an effective, nationwide resistance to the cuts.  On that note we wish you the best of luck, and hope your conference represents a step towards that goal.

The resolutions and inspiration that comes from this conference, we sincerely hope, will filter back into our own local struggle, and those of every town and city. Let’s raise the confidence of the working class in Britain as part of a Europe-wide fightback!

Fraternally yours,

Joel Heyes, on behalf of Leeds Against the Cuts.