March for the Alternative on March 26th

We now have only a day to go before this long-awaited demonstration. There are still a few places available on coaches – call 07783 545173 urgently if you have not yet got your ticket.  The PCS and Thompson’s Solicitors have produced a useful protest briefing on your rights and how to respond when dealing with the police.

March 26th March for the Alternative

Let’s make this solid, determined and big, to let the government know that we will not take their attacks. We need to make this bigger than the 1990 poll tax march and rival the 2003 anti-war marches, to show this government the depth of opposition to their policies of welfare for the rich and cuts for the rest of us.

Say NO to to unfair and unnecessary spending cuts. Instead, back the alternative:

  • a Robin Hood tax on the banks
  • closing tax loopholes
  • policies for jobs and green growth.

The Tory policies are not just going to affect those working in the public sector. They will affect all of us who rely on public services, all of us whose companies have contracts with the public sector, and all of us whose jobs may go in a new downturn triggered by reckless cuts.

Getting down there from Leeds

If you haven’t got your ticket already, get moving. Transport from Leeds has been filling fast, but Leeds Local Government Unison still has places on its coaches (tel. 0113 2458442), and Leeds Against the Cuts also has transport available (tel. 07783 545173). If you live near Wakefield, a coach has been organised by Wakefield NUT (tel. 07800 785702).

Getting there from Elsewhere

We are getting a few enquiries about transport from outside Leeds, so these are some links that could be useful. If anyone has any more info. particularly about transport frm South/North Yorkshire, please let us know.

False Economy have a transport map showing a number of transport options across the country, though there are big gaps.

PCS (the Public and Commercial Services union) have a list of trains and coaches for the demo.

Transport for All have a page on accessible transport to the march.

Right to Work also have some useful information on transport.