Leeds Newsletter 27th Feb

Coalition of Resistance Newsletter 27th Feb

This week we shut down Leeds City Council in protest against the cuts, they reconvened in secret and passed £90 million worth of attacks on our jobs and services. The fight against cuts can be won – see below how to get involved.

1. Report of how we shut down Leeds City Council
2. Scrap Trident meeting
3. International Women’s Day – Protest the Cuts!
4. Shut down the Lib Dem Conference
. Leeds Anti-Cuts Convention – 9th April

1. Report of how we shut down Leeds City Council

On Wednesday 23rd Feb, workers, students and unemployed of Leeds shut down the City Council meeting and stop them passing their cuts budget.

Leeds council, a council with a Labour majority, planned to vote through £90 million of cuts meaning 1500 council workers would be sacked and essential services slashed…   Read more on the Coalition of Resistance Leeds website here

2. Scrap Trident – Save our Public Services!
– Tuesday 1st March, 7pm, Leeds Civic Hall

Dave Webb (CND Chair)
Helen Jenner (UNISON Leeds local government branch)

Whilst the government cut funding to our vital public services they are continue to spend billions on illegal and immoral nuclear weapons. Despite the Initial Gate decision on Trident replacement being delayed until2016, the Ministry of Defence are already placing orders for new nuclear submarine parts costing upwards of £1 billion.

3. International Women’s Day – Protest the Cuts! – Tues 8th March 5:30pm at Dortmund Square

This International Women’s Day should be a day of protest against cuts and privatisation. The rally is supported by Leeds University Union, Coalition of Resistance, Right to Work, Fem Soc and Revolution – Socialist Youth

Join the facebook event here

4. Shut Down the Lib Dem Conference – Sheffield Sat 12th March

Leeds Against Cuts is organising coaches to go down – please call 07857 967 733 to book your ticket

5. Leeds Anti-Cuts Convention will now take place on Sat 9th April at Leeds Met Union on Woodhouse Lane – more details to follow soon (or check out our website for updates).

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