International Women’s Day rally – protest the cuts!

Tuesday 8th March, 17:30 – 18:30
Dortmund Square, Leeds

British Women Colliery Workers on strike, 1910 - 1915

This International Women’s Day should be a day of protest against cuts and privatisation. 72% of the cuts will fall on the shoulders of women – working women, unemployed women and young women facing a raft of attacks on their access to education.

100 years ago in 1911, International Working Women’s Day was a mass protest across Europe where millions of women and men took to the streets to demand that women have the right to vote.

Today, the ConDem cuts threaten to turn the clock back on women’s liberation through attacks on the public sector and welfare state. Let’s continue the radical tradition of 8th March and demonstrate our resistance to the cuts!

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Supported by Leeds University Union, Coalition of Resistance, Right to Work, Fem Soc and Revolution – Socialist Youth