Time to Bring Down this Bloody Government!

Leeds District Socialist Workers Party Public Meeting

Time to Bring Down this Bloody Government

Thursday 31st March at 19:30pm

Swarthmore Centre, Woodhouse Square, Leeds [map]

In just nine months in office, the Con-Dem coalition has begun an onslaught on jobs and public services that if continued, will wreck the future and hopes of working class people for generations to come. All this, in a desperate bid to make capitalism safe for the bosses, the greedy and the rich.

And in the face of this slaughter of jobs, education, the NHS and the welfare state, Ed Milliband tells us to wait for a Labour election victory and in the meantime do nothing. The Socialist Workers Party believes that there is a fighting alternative to the option of Labour’s Pie in the Sky. That alternative has to be in the form of building and unleashing the resistance in every union, workplace, community, college and university.