Cut backs at Bramley pool stopped

Campaigners celebrated winning their battle to against reduction in opening times for Bramley Baths. Over the last few weeks, schoolchildren have marched against plans to slash hours in half. This was part Leeds City Council’s recent decision to make £90m of cuts.

Older campaigners joined in, some of who have been using the baths since they opened over 50 years ago. The community was able to find £40,000 Capital Investment.

Bramley pool will now stay open for 60 hours a week, instead of just 29 proposed under the Councils cuts. Local councillors found £40,000 capital investment for a new jacuzzi and other renovation works by using the area committee funds from the council.

Elderly residents will continue to enjoy early morning swimming and primary schools will continue to have their swimming lessons there.”

Another example which shows that fight-back campaigns work.