About us

Leeds Coalition of Resistance is a network of anti-cuts activists in Leeds who support the formation of a Coalition of Resistance in response to the impending attacks on our jobs and public services announced by the ConDem government. We agree with the CoR founding statement as set out by Tony Benn in The Guardian.

We believe that there needs to beĀ  coalition of all anti-cuts groups if we are to defend our jobs and services. We need national demonstrations and other co-ordinated action. We are continuing to work to unite the movement, following on from the Coalition of Resistance conference on 27th November 2010.

We are organised in Leeds Against the Cuts, the anti-cuts groups and the two universities and also the hospital anti-cuts group and don’t seek to replace any of these. We have formed this network to help build a national coalition, starting with getting as many people as possible down to London for the conference.

This website is all about the cuts and the resistance in Leeds and further afield and if you have anything to contribute or if you want to get involved then please get in touch.

The bosses and the bankers have their cuts coalition – the government! – so we need to build one of our own.

What’s the reality of the cuts?

Video by False Economy