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GPs Organising to Oppose NHS Bill

Stop Press 15/03/2011: The BMA (British Medical Association) voted, by an overwhelming margin, to demand the withdrawal of the Health and Social Care Bill. At the first Special Representative’s Meeting to be held for 19 years, Dr Andy Thornley say it was too late for the bill to be amended sufficiently to reflect doctors’ concerns: ‘I don’t think it’s possible for them to tinker with the bill, to tweak it to make it better. Mr Lansley: apologise, admit your mistake and withdraw your bill.’ Although splits were evident within the BMA, and some of the more radical motions fell, today’s conference will add strength to the movement against the government’s attack on our health service.

24th February 2011
Last week saw a meeting of GPs heralding the firming up of their opposition to the NHS Bill being introduce by Andrew Lansley .The London section of the British Medical Association called for it ‘to scrap the organisations policy of critical engagement and instead introduce a policy of total opposition to the Bill’ according to the GP’s Ezine PULSE.

PULSE has since reported that 80% of the 250 people present supported the motion to poll BMA members on ‘all forms of action the BMA could take to prevent the implementation of the Health Bill, which specifically includes the whether they should consider industrial action.’ All ‘forms of action’ should ‘be geared to avoid patients suffering’ but it is clear that there is increased militancy amongst GPs.

On 15th March there will be a national Special Representatives meeting of the BMA at which the BMA Council member Dr Jacky Davies has called for motions which would ‘chuck out the whole Bill’ adding ‘fingers crossed we can kill the Bill and dump Lansley with it’.

Dr. Jacky Davis’s speech to the Coalition of Resistance conference

Speak to your GP, lobby your MP, act now before it’s too late

Unison have an “Our NHS, Our Future” section on their site, featuring a range of useful resources for campaigning in defence of our health service. In particular, they have drafted model letters that people can use (or modify) when writing to their GPs, and their MPs. There is also a presentation explaining the risks presented by the Health and Social Care Bill.

Keep Our NHS Public march between the hospitals

Saturday 28th May 11am Starting from the Beckett Wing, St. James’ Hospital Leeds Keep Our NHS Public campaign has called a demonstration on Saturday 28th, in order to highing the peril facing our NHS. We will meet at St. James’ Hospital at 11am, and march from there to the Leeds General Infirmary. All are welcome. [...]

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All together for the NHS day – April 2nd

Saturday 2nd April 2011, 12:00pm Millenium Square, outside Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds LS1 3HE [map] It was a little unclear whose event this was, at first. Although All Together for the NHS Day was originally announced by Unison, and members of Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch were there with their banner, the initiative in Leeds appears [...]

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What is the truth about the proposed changes to the NHS?

Leeds Hospital Alert are organising a public conference What is the truth about the proposed changes to the NHS? And what will the changes really mean for you? Saturday 19 March 2011 St Chad’s Parish Centre, Otley Road Far Headingley, LS16 5JT 10am – 3.30pm Speakers will include: John Lister, leading Health Activist Dr Amanda [...]

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How can we save the NHS?

Leeds Coalition of Resistance public meeting Wednesday 16th February 19:00 – 22:00 Leeds Metropolitan University Students’ Union. This is the question on thousands of people’s lips, as we face government proposals which will decimate our health service and open the doors even wider to privatisation. Speakers have been invited from Leeds Unison Health branch and [...]

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The end of our National Health Service.

These are not the words of the Coalition of Resistance, or another campaign group, but the title of an editorial in the medical journal The Lancet: Health professionals cannot say that no change is needed—it most certainly is. But there is sufficient uncertainty and concern about the changes outlined in the Health and Social Care [...]

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38 Degrees NHS Get-together

38 Degrees NHS Get-together in Leeds Sunday, December 12  This is a chance to meet up with other 38 Degrees members in Leeds and discuss what we want to do locally to help protect the NHS. The meet-up is being held at O’Neills Bar in the city centre. Sunday, December 12, 2010 from 1:30 PM [...]

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