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How do we stop the cuts?

Public Meeting Called by Leeds Against the Cuts and Local Government Unison Tuesday 24th May at Leeds Civic Hall Leeds Against the Cuts have called a public meeting to discuss how we can build on the Leeds March for the Alternative, which was the biggest May Day march Leeds has seen for many years. There [...]

International resistance to cuts: Europe, North Africa, [insert your country here]?

Leeds Coalition of Resistance public meeting Wednesday 16th March, 6:00pm Leeds Metropolitan University (Broadcasting Place) room AG03 It appears that resistance is growing across the world, to cuts in public services, to privatisation, and to governments that put the interests of money before the interests of people. The revolts in North Africa and the Middle [...]

Europe rises up!

The strikes and protests in France continue to inspire and impress. For a chance to discuss the lessons from France, Workers Power have a meeting with an eyewitness from the strikes on Tuesday, October 26th at 7pm in The Packhorse on Woodhouse Lane (opposite the University).